Are we sleeping at Liminis house?

We are sleeping at a nearby camp ground! It’s not all locked down and confimed yet, but we will let you know as soon as it is! Its gunna have great venues, awesome showers and bathrooms and of course we will have pancakes for brekkie.

Do I need to bring my own tent?

If you’re camping, yes! If you have opted to share a room, you will need to bring a  sleeping mat and sleeping bag to ensure your maximum comfort.

How are we getting from our camping location to Liminis?

Busses! We are only around the corner in goublurn, so pack your day back for liminis each morning and we will pop on the bus! Same on the way back to camp.

Can my youth group cater for themselves?

We will make sure all your food needs are met. We have 5 meals a day and plenty of it! So you wont need to bring any food with you (apart from lollies etc. of course!)

I’m a youth pastor/leader, do I need to come with my youth? Do I need to provide leaders?

Each group needs to bring leaders with them to make sure the youth have the best time. Leaders, you won’t have to worry about logistics! We’ve covered it for you. Just chill out with your young guys and enjoy.

Can I come as an individual?

You can absolutely register as an individual. After you do, we will give you a buzz and place you with a youth group to make sure you are properly looked after and have an AWESOME time.